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We just love it,

to share our Music with the audience.

To give a piece of happiness

to every listener.





Opening new worlds.

Send Light into your own perceptions,

memories, and feelings...






Experience the sublimity of

high Emotions

of pure classical music.


Gloria Isabel Ramos Triano

Music Director




…be there,

when something Beautiful beginns,

blossoms and grows, 

and enriches many people with unforgettable moments... part of something magic and special,

let experience together this valuable adventure.

be with us, part of our Story.


First class musicians, from all over the world,

who come together to play classical music

for you.

Exquisite pieces from the traditional repertoire

for chamber orchestra

VIDEO MOSNANG KONZERT 2020 1_Moment(10).jpg

To communicate everlasting values,

authenticity and joy of making music,

is the motivation that moves us,

in our way

to artistic excellence.



To fill every tone with expression,

to allow each sound to reveal its meaning,

is our fullfilling.
























FOTO MOSNANG JANUAR 2020 2 - Kopie.jpg

Nicolas Corti, Bratsche

Konzert in Fischingen

videoof the premiere"el pas del temps"by composerJORDI CAPELLAS

work commissioned by theWELTSAITEN SINFONIETTApremiered in September 2022

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